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Ep 03 When The Medicine Says No

In this episode, I dive into the recent developments in the psychedelic world, exploring the FDA advisory panel’s surprising vote against the use of MDMA for treating PTSD. Join us as I unpack the implications of this decision and reflect on what it means for the future of psychedelic therapy.
To put it in context, I provide a little historical back story on how MDMA became a Schedule I drug. I then discuss the history of MAPS and their tireless work to bring MDMA back into the therapeutic world as a legal medicine.
I talk about the wisdom of the medicine, lessons on integrity, ethical standards, and the importance of accountability in psychedelic therapy. Finally, I explore the difference between intention and expectation in psychedelic experiences and how the medicine can often say no to us when we show up with an expectation instead of an open-minded intention.
Until next time, keep exploring and growing together!

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Ep 02 How Guided Psychedelic Journeys Changed My Life

What’s a nice girl from the Midwest doing with an underground psychedelic guide? (Thanks for the inspiration, Michael Pollan!)

The good, the bad and the transcendent—Sheri discusses her various journeys and the messages she received.
Sheri and Carla discuss the various merits of snorting versus smoking 5-meO-DMT.
The power of integration. Sheri shares how she integrated the messages and visions from her journeys in order to uplevel her vibration—and her life!

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Ep 01 Confessions of a Psychedelic Diva

In this inaugural episode of Psychedelic Divas, Carla Detchon speaks to the painful two-year process behind the creation of Psychedelic Divas. Follow along as she details her journey from terror to triumph as she perseveres in finally integrating the message the Universe handed her two years ago.

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Sacred Stories…

Sisterly Wisdom…

Expert Advice…

So Much Laughter!

Why you
should listen

As psychedelics catapult their way back into the mainstream, it’s time for the deep wisdom cultivated for decades below ground to be shared, understood, and acknowledged.

While the research, medical and therapeutic models for using these substances are critically important, we will also explore the power of these molecules for ceremony, rites of passage, creativity, inner knowing, curiosity, and recreation.

Our Purposeis to demystify the world of psychedelics through the wisdom of the divine feminine.

In each episode, you’ll hear from amazing psychedelic filmmakers, doctors, authors, researchers, educators, storytellers, ceremonialists, underground guides, long-term keepers of the psychedelic flame, and more.

Whether you’re a newbie or an initiated user, we invite you to discover:

  • How to traverse the psychedelic realms responsibly and with reverence using practical tips, tools, and best practices for a safe journey.
  • How to use your intention to connect to your inner wisdom and your deepest self and purpose.
  • How to weave the lessons received into the rest of your life so that actual transformation happens on the real-world level.
  • How psychedelic experiences can help us heal from life’s traumas, while also unlocking creativity, joy and freedom.
  • How the current state of the psychedelic world, from the underground to research to business and beyond, might impact you and the collective.

Through insightful, vulnerable, irreverent and sisterly conversations,

we’ll reveal personal insights, tell transformational (and not so transformational) trip tales, dive into the sacred and the ceremonial, and get deeply personal about the impact these medicines have had on our lives.

Our Vision:

A better world for all, created when people connect to their individual truths, free their minds of perceived constraints, and have permission to manifest their visions. 

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